Limit Bandwidth?

Anybody know :

  1. How to limit my client bandwidth, example: 1 GB/month, so if another people open that website, so my client bandwidth is reduce until 1GB and that website can’t open anymore until next month.
  2. How to make usermin not block the ip if input wrong password 3 time? So if my client input wrong id or password 10 time only said login failed, try again until his id or password is right…
  1. Look in the System Settings:Bandwidth Monitoring page. Set the option labeled "Disable servers that exceed limit?" to "Yes", and the option labeled "Re-enable servers that fall below limit?" to "Yes".

This, of course, assumes you have bandwidth monitoring enabled. That option is labeled "Bandwidth monitoring active?"

Bandwidth monitoring and limits are extremely resource intensive, by necessity. It has to deal with every packet in and out of the system, so it requires some extra CPU and disk space to work.

  1. You don’t want to do that. HTTP is a stateless protocol…if you allow unlimited login attempts a brute force attack is extremely easy–and could be performed quite rapidly (attempts could be made as fast as Usermin can return results, which is pretty fast). But, you could set it to some much higher limit, like 10. Browse to the Usermin Configuration in the Webmin:Webmin menu, and click on Authentication. You can set all of the various timeout and other options that. As I said, you do not want to completely disable this protection–but you can set it to 10 or 15 tries without too much risk.

thank’s, but in point 1, where can i set for bandwidth 1GB, i only see Disable server that exceed limit and Re-enable servers that fall below limit, but i didn’t see where to fill limit bandwidth for 1gb or 2gb… not quota…

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To change the bandwidth quota –

  • Log into the control panel (as root)
  • Choose the Virtual Server in question from the select list
  • Choose "Edit Virtual Server
  • Select "Quotas and Limits"
  • Look for “Bandwidth limit”, which you should then be able to set to the 1 or 2GB you’re looking for

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OK, Thanks a lot…