Limit backup bandwidth?

Hello super smart Virtualmin community! I’m having some trouble with backups and I was wondering if anyone can help me devise a solution.

When my scheduled Virtualmin backups run it looks like they’re using quite a lot of bandwidth to transfer to their SSH destination (my other server), and it’s actually causing my ISP Crissic to automatically null route the IP address.

Is there a simple way to limit bandwidth usage by backups?


Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple way to limit the bandwidth of the backups. It simply uses scp to copy all the files to the backup server.

One thing you could do as a workaround, would be to generate the backups locally.

Then, use rsync to transfer them to your backup server, as rsync does come with a way to limit bandwidth usage, using the “–bwlimit” parameter.


Why wouldn’t it simply use the -l parameter in SCP? I was just going to put in an enhancement request for this for Virtualmin backups.

There IS an option to pass in a flag to ssh and scp — but it passes them to BOTH – and -l means different things to each command so ------- That’s awkward.

I use it in hundreds of scripts, works great.