Light weight version of virtualmin?

I don’t mind the apache sticking around.

I can’t stand antivirus, spamassasin background processes

Logging features of all the bloated things virtualmin has installed

I would like to have a very thin virtualmin… no logging, no spam check, mdadm webmin health check etc etc etc… that just slows down the system unnecessarily.

How can I just use it as an apache server that runs php and that’s it? with perl etc… no background or cron processes or logging.

Can anyone help?

How can I edit the boot up config file without going through the virtualmin gui?

Would like to edit the file directly.


You can disable any services you don’t want or need.

The easiest way to do that is from within Webmin, using Webmin -> System -> Bootup and Shutdown.

Also note that if you disable a service that Virtualmin is currently configured to use – you would need to disable that in Virtualmin -> System Settings -> Features and Plugins.

It is possible to configure services to not boot using the command line – how to do that depends on your distro/version. Which distro/version are you using there?


CentOS 6, I would like to disable using command line.

How can I do this? Please help. Thanks


Hmm, I’m not sure I follow what it is that you’re trying to prevent… do you have an example of what is it that you’re looking to disable?



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