License Upgrade

Just purchased an upgrade from 10 to 50 users. It shows in my licenses but does not show on our server


Hmm, it actually looks like you purchased a full Virtualmin 50 license, rather than just an upgrade.

Are you simply hoping to upgrade from a Virtualmin 10 to a Virtualmin 50?

If so, that would only cost $50, rather than the $149 you had spent.

If you like, I can convert your Virtualmin 10 to a Virtualmin 50, and also apply 2 years of renewals to it.

Alternatively, we could refund you for the Virtualmin 50 license, and you could instead purchase a Virtualmin 50 upgrade for $50.


Just apply it…

Okay, I applied your upgrade, and then extended your licence by 2 years and a few months.

Thanks for using Virtualmin!