License transfer request

Please transfer licenses from summit_purchasing to this account RE: Ticket number (I can’t find a ticket number in any of the emails I have related to this issue.

OS type and version: Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version: 1.981
Virtualmin version: 6.17-3
Related products version: N/A

Note: I am unable to log into the summit_purchasing account I created. I’ve attempted several times to reset the password and the email doesn’t come to my account ( and does not appear in my daily spam report. Can you please also assist with this? Thank you!

How long is typical before I can expect a response from Virtualmin on this?


You’ve posted to the forums, meaning if they don’t notice your message it could go unanswered indefinitely.

To get the attention of the Virtualmin Team, and therefore receive a timely response, you should send a private message to @staff

Sendinging to @staff actually sends the message to all 4 staff members and sending in a private message ensures privacy.

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Have you checked the spam folder?

We have discussed this issue with you few weeks ago, I remember. Either way, you would have to cross reference the initial issue on the private thread after recovering the password to your second account. We won’t be able to proceed unless we are sure that you own both accounts.

I have checked the mail logs and the message to your server was bounced. Check logs on your side and try whitelisting IP address.

I have also submitted a request to unlist our IP address to Proofpoint.

@staff We have tried whitelisting you and it’s still not coming through. It’s not even showing up in our proofpoint logs. Can someone on your end initiate the password reset so that I can get back into the account? I’m also open to other suggestions. This has been going on too long and I need to get it resolved. Thank you for your understanding!

I will reply on the private ticket.

Can you please reply on that private thread where we discussed that issue before?