License renew question


My virtualmin license expires on January 30th, however I am not finding any link to renew it on the software license page. Nor is the link sent to me via email working (I think it was pre-new site).

Do I just purchase a new license, or is there a renew process so I don’t need to re-enter a license key?

I also am not getting any response from about this issue.

Thank you for your time!


Same here I have 6 Virtualmin Pro licenses and some of them have expired. I was looking to renew them but I don’t know where to go about doing it on the new website.

So, there are a couple of ways to do it:

  1. Buy the licenses of the size you want to renew now, ping me, and I’ll do the database pokery needed to associate your old license with the new purchase (removing the new license, and applying the expiration date from the new license to the old license). Just tell me what serial number to apply it to.
  2. Wait a few days, and you’ll be able to do the renewal in the shop (a “renew” link will appear in the software licenses page, allowing you to buy another year for that specific license). If you want to open a ticket with the serial numbers of the licenses you plan to renew, I can extend them to a couple weeks from now, so you can go ahead and get the latest version of Virtuamlin and stuff from the repos, and then renew once this stuff is automated.

In either case, you won’t need to re-enter any license details on your servers, but in either case, it might take me a few hours to get the extension applied and such.

I’d hoped to finish the renewal and upgrade part of the shop before we launched, but things always take longer than expected when it comes to developing for Drupal (I’m not a strong PHP developer, and it’s been many years since I coded for Drupal; it has a very steep learning curve with a huge variety of weird jargon). But, I think I know how it’s going to work now, so as soon as the fires from the server move have died down a bit, I’ll be able to dig back in and finish that work.




Also, just to clarify – the best and quickest way to ping us is to go into the Support link above, and open a new request there.

We monitor those closely, and will get your renewals setup quickly.



Hi Joe,

It appears my license expiration has been advance to next year, but I didn’t actually pay you guys anything. Should I go ahead and follow step number one?


Ah, Joe may have gotten a little excited about the “Renew” button in the license manager!

If you don’t mind, that would indeed be pretty fantastic if you could grab a license from the Shop. That would definitely help us with the bills! Thanks a ton for your honesty!