License Purchase

Hi guys,
I hate to sound pushy, as I’ve been a fan of webmin for years, we decided to go with virtualmin pro for our main cp,
anyways we took the big step & paid for the unlimted lifetime version order no: 2378,
and being impatient and wanting to get on and play, was wondering when the order will be processed, the money has left paypal, but the order status still says paypal pending??!!??
I expect you guys are busy, so please dont take this the wrong way,
and appreciate any light you can shed on the delay

many thanks and keep up the good work


Hi its getting close to 24 hrs since I paid $998 for a virtualmin pro license, and the order status still says paypal pending, How long does it take to process it, the money left paypal instantly & i’ve checked with my bank and the money has gone from there as well

Processing a new license is typically automated – so if it says “processing”, chances are the software here hasn’t seen it for some reason, or that something else had gone awry in the process.

My recommendation is to use the Support link above, and to file a support request. Joe and Jamie can work with you and your bank to figure out what’s going awry.

I’ll also forward this along to them so that they can start looking into that…


Actually, it looks like your order has been successfully processed - I see a lifetime license issued to your account already. If you go to , you should be able to download the install script…

I’ve noticed that the lifetime license (and other very large orders) very frequently get held up by PayPal for “investigation”. It can take up to 24 hours for those orders to make it through to completion. We don’t get enough information to know when it is a routine investigation, merely because it is a large purchase, or when it is actually a potentially fraudulent order (you’d be surprised by how many of those we get; I would have thought having a totally free and Open Source version would make folks who don’t want to pay for software happy enough to not want to ruin my day with chargebacks and such, but it still happens). The email that PayPal sends is identical to start with, and then they notify of success or failure a few hours later.

Ordinarily, purchases are processed immediately. The moment PayPal confirms the order, it goes into “Completed” state, and the license is created.

Apologies for the delay. I’m not sure how to improve response time on this kind of order. We didn’t have this trouble with the old payment processor, but we had numerous other (and worse) problems, so we’re kind of stuck with the occasional delay.