Licence & pricing


Let’s say i licence one year of virtual min and cloud min ( &

After one year, my control panels stop working or is it like a own licence (ie we pay one time and after one year we don’t have access to updates/upgrades/support if we don’t pay the upgrade licence) ?


Note that the renewals are much cheaper than the initial purchase price.

After the license expires, Virtualmin and Cloudmin will continue to function. We don’t like the idea of software that automatically stops working.

If the license is expired, you’ll see a reminder to renew at the top of the panel, and you wouldn’t receive any updates, support, or Install Script updates during that time.

Also, if Virtualmin or Cloudmin was in use during the time the license was expired, whenever you do renew, the renewal would be from the time it expired, rather than from the day it was renewed.


It may not be easy on a cluster to pay without any interruption for every node.
So i suppose, after quite some time, it’s easier to buy again the whole initial pakage instead of the updates.

For cloudmin, is there a solution into cloudmin to benefit of a distributed parallel fault-tolerant file system for openvz images ? something like Ceph or GlusterFS or XtreemFS or whatever. If no, is it planned ?