Licence Errors...

Hey Joe… i need some help i am having a problem with a licence for my client… i has added the licence to the server it was all fine… went to login today and see that i have an error… the error is as followed…

A problem was detected with your Virtualmin license :
An error occurred checking the licence : Invalid host or serial number

What do i do to fix this? anything would be greafull…


What I would start out by doing is go into here:

And verify what the license and serial numbers are, and that the license as a whole is active, and not listed as expired.

Then, take the serial and license numbers you see in there, and compare them to what you see in /etc/virtualmin-license. Are they the same?


Figured out what was wrong… see i was having a problem with my GeoTrust Cert… instaltion… and i uninstalled… webmin. and reinstalled it back in… and did not put the licence Back in… so now it is working thanks Eric… for the help…