Licance problem :((

You have no Virtualmin licenses.

were paid by paypal


It looks like you purchased an upgrade from a Virtualmin 10 to a Virtualmin 50. Did you mean to buy a new license?

If that’s the case, we can refund your purchase so that you can buy your desired license.


i buy license.dont coming license keys /serials.

i want licence key


Well, take a look at the invoice for what you purchased today – it’s not actually a license, what you purchased is the following:

Upgrade Virtualmin 10 to 50

That’s a license upgrade – and that only helps if you already own a license.

Were you hoping to buy a license?

If so, which license did you want to purchase?


i wrong licence.My Money send me.And i go buy true licence.

No problem, we’ll send you the money for the first purchase you made.


Okay, your initial purchase should be refunded – let us know if you have any other questions!