Letsencrypt, virtualmin and revoking certificates

Hi all,
I was wondering if with the latest update , when we delete a server through virtualmin, will it automatically revoke the certificate or does that have to be done manually, then the server deleted through virtualmin?

If its manually, i noticed that the letsencrypt site says to use the command $ letsencrypt revoke --cert-path example-cert.pem but virtualmin has crt, key and ca files in the folder. How would I go about revoking it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. I have a customer who is also asking this question, they want to know how we or they can revoke a certificate. I have been using LetsEncrypt for years, on many sites, but this is the first time I have been asked such a specific question.

I can see there is a command line I could use to revoke, but the customer cant access that.

I cannot see a Revoke button in Webmin.

Would Renewing it revoke the old private key and create a new one?

If not, what is the process in Webmin to revoke a key?