LetsEncrypt Migration from old VPS1 to VPS2


A short background: I have VPS1 with letsencrypt cert issued using virtualmin and is renewed every 2 months and all is good. I want to migrate to VPS2 (VPS1 will be alive while I setup VPS2).

http://nateserk.com/2019/tech/migrate-letsencrypt-ssl-certificates-to-a-different-server-guide/ shows the steps to migrate letsencrypt from VPS1 to VPS2. It mainly means to copy /etc/letsencrypt folder from VPS1 to VPS2 and all is good but what about virtualmin’s integration with letsencrypt?
Should I copy that folder before or after virtualmin’s issues the cert with letsencrypt?

Also, VPS1 is still alive while I setup VPS2 (eventually I will move A RECORD from VPS1 to VPS2), will virtualmin’s letsencrypt fail because the domain is “somewhere else”?