LetsEncrypt certificates not automatically renewing

OS type and version: Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS
Webmin version: 1.941
Virtualmin version: 6.08
Certbot version: 0.27.0

At some point, automatic renewal of LetsEncrypt certificates stopped working. I can manually renew each one so it functions properly it just won’t do it automatically. I’ve seen a bunch of “fixes” offered on this site and others but none have corrected this issue.

This has been going on for quite a while and on different servers (all with similar configs).

Any suggestions about how to fix this? What other information would be required to troubleshoot this?

Virtualmin and Webmin has newer versions.
and do you use certbotscript or virtualmin Letsencrypt

All have had updates.

i can’t help but check those things first i guess also more to find about it in this forum. :wink:


I’ve seen a bunch of “fixes” offered on this site and others but none have corrected this issue.

But still on old Virtualmin and Webmin versions , and if you don’t use Virtualmin Letsencrypt script but the certbot itself then…

Neither Virtualmin not apt-get shows that there are updates available for Virtualmin or Webmin.

I use the LetsEncrypt configuration in Virtualmin. I saw somewhere (on this forum I believe) that certbot was the preferred method. Is that no longer the case?

I saw somewhere (on this forum I believe) that certbot was the preferred method. Is that no longer the case?

Sofar i understand is no certbot method prefered but the virtualmin way, ( it uses partly certbot but in other way integrated in virtualmin/webmin)

Can’t help you why no updates shown, maybe you did the install in other way so nu updates shown or other reason , but your versions as i see it are one or 2 years old now.
I thinks that is main reason why not working auto LE but not sure. ( could also be using a double install the certbot and virtualmin scripts)

I am not from Virtualmin Support so i can be totally wrong! :wink:

@mikelbeck see changelogs Do changelog search then hmm - #2 by Joe?

The Virtualmin repos were not enabled. I enabled them and have automatically upgraded to:

Webmin 1.981
Virtualmin: 6.17-3

When the next bunch of certificates are due for renewal in January I’ll see if they renew automatically.,

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What do you mean by The Virtualmin repos where not enabled?
Where did you enable them - answer might help other ones with the same issue later on.

It’s probably been close to a year since my certificates have auto-updated. I also tried some fixes that didn’t work. I just update them manually now.

One thing I did notice is that I get an SSL failure notice exactly seven days before a certificate expires. I forget the exact wording, but I use them as reminders.


The two virtualmin repos were commented out in /etc/apt/sources.list.

Thanks for the answer.
Can you show which repos do you mean?
I don’t have any repo in there, but my virtualmin & webmin seems up-to date.

I think I’ve initially installed it via the wget for the webmin-packag, and doing the rest in webmin itself.

Can you also check which version of certbot you have (in cli certbot --version)


The repo file on Debian/Ubuntu based system would be in:


The only one you would have related to Virtualmin directly would be one called “virtualmin.list” which includes the relevant sources for Virtualmin updates.

DO NOT under any circumstance, add “webmin.list” as SOME may recommend. This repo is meant for “Webmin-only” installs and CAN break Virtualmin. Webmin and Usermin that is released for Virtualmin goes under extra testing before it is released to the repo, and while the one included in “webmin.list” would be stable, it may not be YET fully compatible with Virtualmin.

Ok, thanks.
I don’t think I need to add any repo, because my virtualmin and webmin seems to be up-to date.

But can anybody answer me, what the current Version of certbot should be?

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