Let's Encrypt SSL cert for virtual host with Webmin

I know how to get all my virtual hosts served securely with Virtualmin.

But for the first time, I decided to use a small machine (one managed by WEBMIN only) to also host another web site. I did that by adding a new virtual host via the:
Webmin > Servers > Apache Server options.

So now I am not sure if I am able to use Webmin in any way to get the Let’s Encrypt SSL cert for this second virtual host. I looked in the obvious places but there doesn’t seem to be such an option anywhere I looked. Is this something not available on Webmin? Or am I just missing something like a module?

I’m not talking about the SSL certificate for the Webmin server itself – that works flawlessly.

I haven’t seen anything for it, personally. I’ve always presumed virtualhost management was the reason to use Virtualmin. In those single site cases I’ve just used certbot.

Thank you for the confirmation. I’ll just go ahead with a DIY solution.