Let's Encrypt Renewal Emails - Where is it configured?

On most of my systems Let’s Encrypt has worked out that it must send me an email when certificates cannot renew.

However, on one of my client’s servers where they have 30 sites I need to double check if this is set, because we’re not getting any emails.

Any clues how to configure to whom Let’s Encrypt warning notices must go out when certificates are not renewed?

Ask virtualmin team for pro support and open issue ticket.

Thanks so much @unborn,

I am a Pro License holder on my main server with 100 sites, but my client is not. I don’t feel comfortable to approach Pro support for an unlicensed server.

I will approach my client and ask them to consider a Pro license instead. We managed to contain the problem for now by more pro-active monitoring (use Laravel Spatie SSL Monitor) but ultimately it would be great to know where the actual Let’s Encrypt emails go to. I guess I will also look on Let’s Encrypt forum when I have some time.

I think you need to edit files named with 15-character domain IDs located in /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains. That’s how I recently updated a couple Let’s Encrypt email addresses but won’t know the results until the next renewal message is due.

Edit: It occurs to me that renewals are a problem lately and email notices could be affected. Maybe waiting for the next Virtualmin release solves your problem.

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