Let's Encrypt Qualys SSL Analysis

Hello Community,

I have Webmin/Virtualmin installed on ESXi Server running on CentOS 7, 1 IP hosting 2 websites. I followed the instruction here (https://www.hostinger.com/tutorials/vps/how-to-install-lets-encrypt-ssl-on-vps-running-vebmin-virtualmin#gref) to setup let’s encrypt using SSL on both of my Websites.

Now everything seems to be working fine, I did a test on Qualys SSL Labs and I got a A+ for both of my sites but on my second site I am getting the following:

  • This site works only in browsers with SNI support.
  • Certificate #2 No SNI with an alternative name mismatch …

I am not too sure if this is normal… How come I am not getting that when I test my other site? Why is that one of my site is showing only 1 Certificate while the other one is showing 2? Should/Can I fix this?

Any help would be appreciated.

If needed, the 2 sites are idscomm.ca and 2mounties.ca




The above may be of interest. I believe it is down to the shared IP.