Let's Encrypt client was used previously.....

Just a mild SSL CA question. I upgraded to Python 2.7.*, then installed the LE software from Github, and (after a few attempts) installed SSL on one domain with success.

But, doh, then I saw Virtualmin has a LE function. There is no way back now to use Virtualmin to get LE SSL work with other domains on the saver/IP. right?

The message I get is:

request failed : The native Let’s Encrypt client was used previously on this system, and must be used for all future certificate requests

PS: Let’s Encrypt is a really nice service!

I’m having the same issue. I manually setup the LE client about a week before the Webmin update that included it dropped. Now I can’t figure out how to remove the changes made by letsencrypt-auto and use Webmin to manage my certs.


Solved by removing /etc/letsencrypt.

All my certs had expired so I had nothing to lose, removed that folder and retried the Virtualmin LE feature. Tada, success.