Let's Encrypt automatic renewal isn't working


I recently found out that my certificates didn’t automatically renewed as I did specified in the Virtualmin configuration.

In Virtualmin > Manage SSL Certificate > Let’s Encrypt:
I specfied for which domain I needed to request a certificate and I also specified 2 month for the automatic renewal parameter.

The latest Virtualmin (6.02) and Webmin(1.872) versions are installed.

I saw another topic talking about a missing cron called “renew_letsencrypt_cert” who must be in Webmin > Webmin Configuration > Webmin Scheduled functions but I do not have it either, could it be the source of my trouble?

However the request certificate option is working perfectly fine.

Is it bug? Did I miss something?

Moreover I have a question about the way it works: does it check in two months or does it compare the dates and if it is below two months It renew the certificate?

Distribution: Linux, Centos 7.3

hi, normally nothing more to do : it will renew automatically the cert in 2 months exactly.