Let`s ecnrypt fails

Im trying to generate certificates with lets encrypt and i get this 2 errors. Anyone can give an solution, or what should i do ?, im using only one nameserver but i think its no relevant. thanks

It just happened to me for the last 48h hours, and then just worked. Same message wrote at “public_html” but couldn’t read…
and dns check fails too…

Most probably : lets encrypt points out to a bad IP (or no) IP.

It’s about your DNS settings.

I just checked :

You check 12heaven.net and its L2heaven.net.

Are the DNS extries fully set and do you use an automatic redirect for that site?

the main dns name its dynamic dns from my provider.when i used lets encrypt on my nas synology worked like a charn

In that case the settings didnt take effect till now or they arent correct.

so did you dns check L2heaven.net ? is 79…correct ? image

yes, right now the server its down

The message says that the connection was refused. Can you check your logs, web server and/or firewall logs to see whether the connection is coming in to your machine, or going elsewhere?

Also, I don’t think it’s relevant here, but is there a .htaccess file containing any rules that might deny the request?

i fixed, the problem was my mikrotik router, need to point at static dns l2heaven.net to point to internal ip of webmin/virtualmin, now its working, thanks for your reply

If you solved it, then you should mark your post as the solution. Since it might help others.

I had this happen on my Centos box. I installed “certbot”, ran “certbot register” (need an email), and restarted webmin ("/etc/init.d/webmin restart") and was able to get a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Apparently Virtualmin doesn’t use acme-tiny and has switched over to certbox, but if it is not already installed it falls back to the old acme-tiny, which is a superseded version.

Hey guys, in case you ran into the same bug as described here: https://www.virtualmin.com/node/68883

Check if your virtual server has mail disabled and try to remove mail.domain.tld from the requesting domain names.

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