LEMP Stack Feature Selection

I insalled on Debian 9 with the LEMP bundle, so I do not have Apache installed; however, on the Features page, only the Apache-centric (not NGINX) modules are available to select. This means I cannot turn off modules I do not intend to use like Spam Scanning and Email Virus Scanning because when I try to save, it tells me that the Apache Module is not installed and that I need to disable it.

How do I fix this so that the NGINX features show up here instead of Apache?

I also get an error when re-checking configuration that Apache is not installed and that Virtualmin is not ready for use.

Oh, I see what’s happening here.

I’ll roll a new virtualmin-config that fixes this. It actually isn’t that apache2 is still being installed (which is what I thought it was), it’s that I’m skipping a step to tell Virtualmin to use nginx instead of Apache. Should be available in an hour or so.

You won’t need to do a whole re-install; you’ll be able to just run virtualmin config-system --include Nginx and it’ll correct it (but, not until I roll out the new version…I think 6.0.14 is the next release number).

Thanks! This worked. The only question I have now, I have 3 version of PHP installed, how do I choose which one I’m using? The PHP Versions section under Server Configuration seems to only work for apache.

That’s a good question. I don’t actually know! :wink:

nginx support is still much less complete than Apache support. It’s obviously a focus of current development (as evidenced by the inclusion of an installer for it), but Apache still had a several year head start in Virtualmin, so support is much more complete. I’ll talk to Jamie about it when he wakes up (he’s on the west coast). This might be a validation bug (i.e. it ought to work, but it tests for Apache instead of testing for a web server in general) or it might be missing functionality. I don’t know how generic the PHP versions code is or can be, since nginx and Apache are pretty different about execution, though it seems like PHP-FPM ought to be switchable the same way no matter which web server is handling the frontend proxying.