LDAP with Virtualmin 4.04.GPL and Webmin 1.660

I am currently running Virtualmin 4.04.GPL with Webmin 1.660. I want to set up an LDAP server and use it for authentication on the same server where Virtualmin/Webmin are running. Auth will be provided not just for logging into the server but also for services like Dovecot.

It appears Webmin version 1.670 is required to run in order to support LDAP and it also appears that such version is not yet available in the Virtualmin repo.

Bypassing the version check when installing the LDAP modules works, however things like generating an SSL cert for LDAP break, which is not surprising as I forced the LDAP modules installation.

The question is: will Virtualmin/Webmin/LDAP be supported any time soon? Or has anyone had any luck getting Virtualmin/Webmin/LDAP to work with the current release?



LDAP had been supported for quite awhile, actually.

What distro/version is it that you’re using?


I am running CentOS 6.5. I have used LDAP with Webmin before but not with Virtualmin/Webmin.

When I tried installing the LDAP modules, the installation stopped saying that Webmin 1.670 was required. As I mentioned previously, Virtualmin 4.04GPL install script installs Webmin 1.660.



You shouldn’t need to install an LDAP module for that to work.

There are some docs here that explain the process:


The purpose of installing the LDAP modules is to have a GUI interface. Otherwise I can just and set up LDAP by hand, which is fairly straightforward process optionally install phpldapadmin as a GUI.

The combination of Virtualmin 4.04GPL, Webkmin 1.660 and the LDAP modules is clearly broken at least on CentOS 6.5. You can try yourself. Attempting to install the ldap-server module produces the following error message:

Failed to install standard module : Module ldap-server requires Webmin version 1.670 or above

Furthermore, if I select “Ignore dependencies” equal to yes, ldap-sever module installs fine, however creating a TLS certificate for LDAP produces the follwoing error message:

Failed to generate certificate : Unsupported file or mode >OpenLDAP Server at WebminCore::…/web-lib-funcs.pl line 8586


Webmin 1.670 will be in the software repository soon, which should resolve the error you described above.

If you prefer not to wait, you could always manually download the latest Webmin version here: