Latest Virtualmin update error

I have just run the latest Virtualmin update. Whilst it says it installed successfully, i see an error in the installation logs.

What does this mean?

virtual-server/ failed : virtual-server::module_install failed : No PHP versions found for mode fpm

I’m not sure. I haven’t seen that error. Can you include your distro/version? PHP varies wildly across distros. It may also be relevant whether this was installed with a 5.x version of the installer or 6.x (since PHP-FPM support in the installer didn’t exist until 6.x, and it may be that the postinstall is expecting things to look like a 6.x installed system, and that’d be a bug).

I’m guessing that Virtualmin’s postinstall script detected virtual servers configured to use php-fpm execution mode, but for some reason didn’t find the necessary bits to run things in that mode. It could also be a bug in the postinstall script.

The server runs debian 9 with virtualmin pro.
It was originally a virtualmin 6 install.
It runs php fpm almost from day one on most virtual servers on system.

Seems likely to be a bug in the postinstall script, then. Are sites that use PHP-FPM still working after the upgrade? (I would assume so, or the topic would be getting the sites back online instead of this error!)

I’ll dig into the postinstall script and see if I can see what it’s trying to do and why it might fail. If not, I’ll escalate it to Jamie.

my system keeps saying it needs to install updates.
when i run the updater, it fails saying that i already have the latest versions of the 90’ish updates available.


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