Latest update gives me a Perl Error

I just updated my GPL version of Virtualmin and I am now getting this error on the left column:

Error - Perl execution failed

The last modules that were updated are:


Are there anyone else getting this error?

Thank you.


What version of the themes do you have?

How to determine that depends on your distro:

dpkg -l webmin-virtual-server-theme
dpkg -l ust-virtual-server-theme

rpm -qa | grep wbt-virtual-server-theme
rpm -qa | grep ust-virtual-server-theme

I am using CentOS 5.2


I also restarted the server and I still get the error.

This is the error message I get:

HTTP/1.0 500 Perl execution failed Server: MiniServ/0.01 Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 23:58:24 GMT Content-type: text/html Connection: close

Error - Perl execution failed

Undefined subroutine &virtual_server::sort_indent_domains called at /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server-theme/left.cgi line 89.

Thank you.

Curiously, something like that just came up in the bug tracker the other day.

Try following Jamie’s suggestion in here:

And see if that does the trick.

Hrm, I take that back, that shouldn’t be the problem. Those are in the repo’s now.

Can you also verify your version of Virtualmin (rpm -qa | grep virtual-server) and Webmin (rpm -qa | grep webmin).




Thank you for your help Eric but I am now going to bed, hopefully someone will be able to help me with this problem tomorrow.

Thank you again.

Do you see a new version of Virtualmin, 3.62?

(after some research, suggestions from Jamie, etc)

It would seem the version of the theme you have requires virtual-server-3.62.

If you don’t see that, there might be an issue with the repository (in which case, you can try downgrading the theme in the meantime).

I keep “yum updating” and I still don’t get a virtual-server update. I will wait until tomorrow to see if that new package comes up. This is for my development server, I don’t really need Virtualmin access right now.

I will try again to see if there is a new virtual-server package tomorrow morning, if there isn’t I will just downgrade for now.

Thanks a lot Eric.