Latest operating system ?

I bought the software recently and I have difficulty in installing certain modules / scripts. What would be the operating system that most recommended to run all the features correctly?
For example: Mysql 5.5 and PHP above 5.4
I am currently using centos 6.8, but it has some limitations.

If you need for hosting then Centos7. Majority of hosting is based on this OS. If you need for something else than pick OS what best suits your requirements.

CentOS 7 is the obvious upgrade path for you. And, it is the most popular OS for Virtualmin use, so it gets the most testing (Ubuntu isn’t too far behind, though).

We recommend EPEL and SCL for additional and newer packages on CentOS, respectively, and Virtualmin should automatically recognize new PHP versions installed from Software Collections (SCL). We use the PHP 5.6 package from SCL on all of our servers, so it gets quite a bit of testing. It will automatically appear in your available PHP versions dropdown list, once installed. We also use MariaDB 10 on a couple of servers, though that one requires a bit more manual tweaking; upgrading wasn’t necessary, I just wanted to see what it looked like so I could help others who were going through the same process.

If you install PHP from SCL, you may also want to install some additional PHP extensions (we auto-install a bunch of additional PHP stuff during Virtualmin install, so a lot of web apps will require them but you may not specifically know about it because they were automatically installed for the system PHP). We install these: " php-xml php-gd php-imap php-mysql php-odbc php-pear php-pgsql php-snmp php-xmlrpc php-mbstring", though the names would change for SCL packages to something like “rh-php56-php-xml”, which allows multiple PHP versions and their libraries to be installed.

Manually switching databases just requires you to edit the configuration in the Webmin MySQL module (click the module configuration gear icon in the corner). Paths vary based on where you got the package and whether it replaces the system package or can sit alongside it, so I can’t give specific advice, but you can usually figure it out pretty quickly just by looking in /etc and/or listing the package contents using rpm -ql mysql-blah-blah-blah

But, upgrade to CentOS 7 first, and then see what you need to upgrade from there. It’s probably just PHP, which is easy, and well-supported in Virtualmin. MySQL and MariaDB don’t move that fast, and it’s rare to find a feature that’s really necessary for most small to mid-sized websites or to support common web apps.

I installed centos 7 and installed Virtualmin, after the basic configuration I installed php 5.5, apparently everything worked okay, but when I installed PrestaShop the system did not load correctly, ajax does not seem to work.
So I decided to install other versions of PrestaShop but apparently all have the same problem.
Even editing some settings of php or mysql the system does not work, already in the centos 6 it worked perfectly.
Is there anything to configure?
PS: all necessary modules were installed from both versions of php 5.4 and 5.5 but in both the error continues.

What error(s) do you get? (check the error_log for the domain in question)

The log has no errors, there are only two lines talking about an exchange of keys rsa, would that be the error?
Just out of curiosity the mysql that was installed in Centos 6.8 was MariaDB?


Make sure you’re looking in the domain’s error log, located in $HOME/logs/error_log.

It’s probably not an issue with RSA, but it wouldn’t hurt to let us know what errors you’re seeing with that… also, which log are you seeing those rsa errors in? What is the full path to that particular log?

Also, do other PHP apps work? Is it just an issue with this one app?


Path: /home/collapse/logs/error_log

I do not know if it’s only with this app, phpmyadmin for example works perfectly.