latest build email bug


I installed the latest version of VM on ubunto 8.07 tls yesterday and dovecot would not allow my connection from the pc client despite changing the 2 settings which are incorrectly set in config:

listen = *
disable_plaintext_auth = no

now I just could not find anything else and log info is too limited to find, hence i rebuilt today with deb4 and had the same issue. However, the above two modifications in dovecot config brought email to life :slight_smile:

The other issue I had on deb4 was a problem with bind on create VS and to solve this i needed to mkdir /var/lib/bind

along with removing the previously attempted VS creations from the local bind config .

swicthed back to deb5 as wanted ufw, alas crashed on start with clamd not starting, so switched back to ubunto 8.04 tls and with the above mods to dovecot (listen = * and disable_plaintext_auth = no) this time mail is working and im good to go.