Last version of PHP 7.0.x

Hi all,

I installed CentOS 7.4 and Virtualmin.

I found in phpinfo(), the version of PHP 7.0 is 7.0.10 (build on november 3rd 2016), one year ago. is it not obsolete?
And the last version of PHP is 7.0.25 (build on october 27th 2017).

I tried to update sofware packages but nothing new packages.

How can we update last version of php ?



Perhaps go into command shell and manually do it…

manually update the repository package list first…obviously those logged into as root users dont need to use “sudo”

sudo apt-get update

Then do the upgrade…

sudo apt-get upgrade

I tried to update manually with command “yum update” and “yum upgrade”, it displays : “No packages marked for update”

The Remi Software Collection has PHP 7.0.25