Large backup upload to S3 fails at part 10001

I keep getting the same error for a large backup on the upload to S3 stage, error is:

Uploading archive to Amazon's S3 service ..
.. upload failed! Part 10001 failed at 52428800000 : Upload failed : HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

S3 allows up to 10,000 parts so apparently I need to increase the chunk size so my upload finishes but I don’t see that option anywhere in virtualmin, can you please advise how to accomplish this?
Thank you!


Virtualmin should handle that automatically – if it isn’t, you may want to file a bug report so that Jamie can work with you to correct that.

You can file a support request using the Support link above.


So I am getting this error now too, what is the solution for this since it was never posted?

I discovered the solution to this here: