Large backup fails to restore (22GB)

One of my virtual min backups has 22GB I need to restore it but it hangs indefinitely.

tar -xzf will do the work?

I’m moving one server to another server because my first server had a mysql issue, so I need to solve this problem ASAP.

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That would restore your homedir, but not databases and other details.

One thing you might try is using the command line tools, in case it’s your browser timing out.

To see an example of how to do that, you can run the command:

virtualmin restore-domain


And where do I enter the backups location?

I’m running the tar -xzf wouldn’t do send the mysql databases to the standard location?

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Well, when you run “virtualmin restore-domain” on the command line, it’ll describe there where you can enter the backups location (amongst other options :wink: That command will show a help screen, which explains how to use it.

The reason the tar command won’t work, is that a database dump contains the data that goes inside the database – not the database file itself.

It’s a series of MySQL commands to re-import the database.