Laravel 4, phpmyadmin, and virtualmin

So I am looking to run a Laravel 4 Stack on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server with Virtualmin. It appears that I have everything running just fine with Laravel but phpmyadmin gives me an loop error when trying to open the phpmyadmin page. So when I try to access something like:

I just a a loop error.

Now a little background. We all know the that website files are stored in public_html folder. When I install Laravel it creates another folder within public_html called public. so the website docroot is actually public_html\public.

So after I created the site and installed Laravel, I had to modify the site config to point the DocRoot to public_html\public.

Then I used the Virtualmin install script to install phpmyadmin witrhin the site. So that script installed a phpmyadmin folder in the public_html/public folder. So that looks good so far, except when I try to access the phpmyadmin using I get the error message that the browser is in a loop.

I would appreciate anyone’s help.

Thank you.