is possible to runon local with no public ips I don have pay for hosting during developmrnt


Sure… a lot folks run their Virtualmin server behind a NAT router, and they forward port 80 from their router to their server to allow external access.

However, even without offering external access – you can run Virtualmin on a local LAN with no public IP’s.

The biggest catch here is that you’d have to find a way to make DNS work, so that you could test your sites.

There’s two ways to do that –

One, you could configure your desktop to use your Virtualmin server as a DNS server, and just make sure that it’s returning the local LAN IP’s when doing DNS lookups.

Two, you could configure the hosts or lmhosts file on your desktop with the domains you wish to access, so that browsing to those domains would go to the server on your LAN rather than performing a DNS lookup.

Have a good one!