Kudos - web-only hosting with relayed email delivery works great!

Just a shout out for a nicely implemented feature, I never realised it would be so easy. I needed to get web-only hosting working for a domain which has its email hosted elsewhere.

I spent ages experimenting with DNS overrides, advanced Postfix options and all kinds of transport settings - eventually reaching a block where the virtual maps were overriding the relay options I was defining, and Postfix was very politely reminding me that what I was trying to was not possible.

I was at the point of despair, when I suddenly had a last-gasp idea - look for “MX” in Virtualmin and see if there’s anything in the documentation. And lo and behold, in one of the tooltips, it mentioned disabling email if it’s hosted elsewhere. “This might just work…”

When I first saw that you could disable the email feature for a virtual server, I assumed all it would do is disable all email accounts but preserve the alias maps - so email would be bounced locally when a delivery was tried.

But no! The Virtualmin implementation does it absolutely correctly – you can disable local email hosting, and if you then send from another local domain to the destination domain (hosted elsewhere), It Just Works! I’m very pleased, it’s saved me a considerable amount of headache tonight. BIG thanks to the Virtualmin devs for implementing this so neatly. Both me (and my client!) are very happy.