just want bind and virtualmin

It seems that virtualmin is an all or nothing platform. I only want to use virtualmin to give my users the ability to manage their domains with bind and that’s it. I don’t want it to install apache, postfix, etc. What is the magic answer to get a stripped down version?

Install Webmin and skip Virtualmin. Webmin’s ACLs allow you to configure the BIND module to allow users to only edit some DNS zones. So, create users that have BIND access for the zones you want them to edit.

Mmm, it sounds like you may want to install purely the Virtualmin module, without using the install.sh script.

The install.sh script is for folks who want the whole shebang. But there’s no reason you can’t do exactly what you’re asking.

What I would recommend is to check out the instructions here:


Skip right past the install.sh part, and look at the Virtualmin module that it mentions.

First, you’ll want to install the Webmin package for your system (be it an RPM, DEB, or whatever), and then install the virtualmin and virtualmin-framed-theme packages described above.

At that point, you can log into Virtualmin, and pick and choose what options should be available to your users. You can do that in the System Settings -> Features and Plugins section. In your case, you may only want to enable the DNS feature.

Or do what Joe said, that sounds nice and easy :slight_smile:

Ok, I have to admit. 3 responses in 5 minutes? That’s amazing. Thank you guys for your help. I think virtualmin still provides a TON of value in the ease of setting up new users/domains so I tore down this route further. Unfortunately, I overlooked the button below the configuration button in where I can disable certain modules therefore, allowing me to continue setting it up just fine. Thanks again!