Just got hosting from a virtualmin server. Need to see log files.

I recently purchased hosting from a person that runs virtualmin.
I was wondering, where can I see how many page views, unique hits etc. I get?

Virtualmin 3.92 gpl


Well, you may want to work with your provider on that, as it depends on which features they setup.

However, if they setup Webalizer, you could go to http://domain.com/stats/ to see details of the users accessing your website.


Thanks Eric.
My host provider got it setup. I have a question though.
My Webalizer report says I am getting close to 100 hits a day. That might be correct, but it almost sounds like a lot seems how I haven’t done tons of advertising. It may be right though. But when I check the AWstats, it constantly stays a 0. He told me he just got it setup, so it wasn’t recording at first. But it should be fine now.
It has been a few days, and all my stats are still at 0. I have been to the site myself, as well as a few other people. Any ideas?

please ask your provider. but awstats and webalizer should report roughly the same number of hits.