junk mail problems

i have problem on my Server VPS (centos 6)

all my emails go to junk mail >

in hotmail , gmail and yahoo,

I can only give a vague advice, since your problem description is very vague as well:

Check the headers of the mails that are flagged as spam, the scanner should have noted there why they were flagged.

i didnt meant to make it vague ,

iam new in this control panel and have vps server for my own sites 3 domains :S

and i cant describe the problems

the problem is just i have joomla site
when members register

the activation link is send to junk ,

i didn’t make configuration for postfix or any thing :S

and i dont know what to do or what data can i get for you !

Authentication-Results: mx.google.com;
spf=neutral (google.com:

what is that?

You’ll need to ask someone whose activation mail was flagged as spam to send you the full mail including all headers, and hope the Google spam filter has logged there why the mail was flagged. Otherwise it will be very hard trying to guess what went wrong (i.e. what characteristics of the mails your Joomla sends make it look like spam).

About your “what is that”: please tell us the precise context where you got this line from. It seems to have to do with SPF (sender permitted from).