Joomla Updates in Script Installer

There’s a new Joomla release as of yesterday, and I am not seeing it in Script Installers as of today.

I’ve submitted issues on this each of the past couple of Joomla releases, and I thought it was fixed.

Is the problem still that the Joomla release file still has random numbers in the middle of it?

I did bring this up once with one of the operators of the Joomla SVN system, and they didn’t seem interested in addressing it at that time.


Well, I wouldn’t get too concerned until 1-2 business days have passed… it hasn’t been out very long, so Jamie may simply not have had a chance to get around to that quite yet.

If you don’t see it in Jamie’s repository by the end of the day on Tuesday, you may want to file a support request regarding that just to make sure there isn’t an issue with that.



Thanks, Eric. But, hey, isn’t it the point of technology that the machines should take care of the easy stuff? Isn’t that why Script Installers are in Pro, anyway?

This is a perfect example, really, a “holiday” weekend in the U.S. at least, and a new release Friday-ish.

With all the smart people involved, it seems that there should be a simple way to Cron the checking for new versions, and to get them updated.

One issue seems to be that the Joomla file always has some randomish digits in the filename, introduced by their SVN system.

I have seen delays in other installers making updates available Fantastico, Installatron, etc.

Anyway, it’s reasonable to estimate that of the 50 million plus Joomla sites, there are likely a million being managed by Fantastico, Virtualmin, or some other installer/manager. Take that number times the 4 or 5 days to make an update, and that’s a lot of vulnerability.

I’ve inquired with one of the leaders in the Joomla community about making a simple web service that returns the latest version, which I think would make it easier to trap version changes, and to create an alias which is updated to always point to the latest version.

With so many smart people involved, I find it pretty sad that there’s not a better, faster, more reliable way to propagate updates, most of which are security related.

Well, I wouldn’t consider this a holiday weekend in the US… the schools are the only organizations that have off for Columbus day, the rest of us have to work for a living :wink:

If Jamie told you it should update automatically, and it’s not, then go ahead and pop in a support request, and see what he has to say. I was under the impression that he manually reviewed every Install Script update before publishing it, but that may not always be the case.


Yeah, having Jamie review is good, but I don’t know whether it really makes sense from resource allocation perspective- seems a little unfair to him, as well as a bottleneck.

In this example, we can presume that the Joomla team has done some testing before their release.

It’s also possible for the Virtualmin user to do a single update and test that before doing a mass upgrade.

Overall, it seems best for the Virtualmin user to at least have the option to do the upgrades as soon as possible after the release.

Regarding the holiday, right :slight_smile: many of us will be working, but surely you get my point…it could just as well be a more major holiday/weekend, it’s a security fix, and it should just generally work better.