Joomla installer fails


I am trying to install joomla on the gpl version while I am waiting for my license to come through.

When i get to the prerequisites everything is just fine except for mysql.

  • MySQL Support No

Have I done something wrong?


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is mysql installed and running and is the domain configured to use it, as in server templates-Default domain owner limits.
Check mysql database so the domain can use it.

It’s the best I can think of atm.

Well I loaded the license and it started working.

There must be something I missed.

But hey this is a great product

Now I need to optimize it for my 400mb ram vps

It crashed this morning 5 times running out of memory.

Thanks for your help


- MySQL Support No

Have I done something wrong?

Maybe. You haven’t told us the OS and version, so I can’t be terribly specific.

In short, you need to make sure the Webmin MySQL module knows where MySQL lives and is able to connect to it as the root user–you may need to provide the password to Webmin. So, browse to the Webmin:Servers:MySQL Database Server module, and see if things are working there. Virtualmin only knows about services that Webmin knows about.


Sorry The OS is Debian etch but I seem to have solved the problem by installing my pro license.

Thank you for the response though.



I am on Ubuntu 8.04 Server, with the Virtualmin GPL version. I am experiencing the same problem as the OP.

I went into the module as you said and everything looks fine. Is there anything specific I should be looking to do in there?

Ok i followed this

and got mysql support turned on. Is this a bug that it’s missing?

Joe, I tend to agree here, should the installer be installing the php5-mysql and related packages?