Java Signatures

Is there a plan to sign the Java applets within Webmin/Virtualmin? If so, when will the update be available?


Yes, that’s being worked on, though we don’t currently have an ETA.

The workaround, in the meantime, is to go into the Java control panel, and lower the Java security settings, in order to allow a self-signed applet to run.


Hi guys,

I dont’t think you need to lower the security settings if you can add the domain as “trusted” in Java. At first I did lower the security and added the domain as “trusted”, but it still works with only “trusted” and the security to “normal”. With this setting the other Java applets still use the correct security setting.

When I use only “trusted” I still get a popup message that I have to approve before the applet starts.


After last Java update, the file manager stopped to work again.

Failed to get language list : : Java couldn’t trust Server

And that in condition we have Comodo Wildcard SSL on domain and domain url is added as trusted on Java security. But now, on java setup there are only High and very High options to security :))

Thanks for the heads up. I postponed the Java update yesterday, which I am now glad of, and I won’t allow any updates until this gets fixed.

Man, everyone is so keen to protect us that we can’t even do our jobs!