I've accidentally reset the linux firewall.

I’ve accidentally reset the linux firewall.
webmin-network-linux firewall clicked the button at the bottom on the page.
and all the settings on the page has been deleted.
settings on this page to the default settings How do I return?

Do you have a script for this job?
How should I fix this setting.
Thank you very much for your answers.

What rules did you have in your firewall config before?

There’s no way to get them back them really, except for restoring a backup of the file /etc/iptables.up.rules. That’s where the firewall rules that you edit in Webmin are stored (as far as I know – I never really used the Webmin module for that).

I could not find it at this.

someone can send me a screenshot of linux firewall page I would appreciate it very good. adds the necessary rules one by one from that picture.

my e-mail address is: “bilgi@mehmetkemalozkan.com.tr”

thank you,

Here’s the default rules that Virtualmin creates.