iStat Question?

Hey All. New to a lot of this so pardon…
I have used iStat for Quick checking of my Server and systems for a While.
Was (or is) there any plans on adding iStat to Virtualmin?..
This would be a GREAT thing for Quick checks when out of town and such…


I’m not familiar with iStat – can you describe what it is, and where to find it?

However, it’s possible to install and configure most software onto a server even if Virtualmin doesn’t incorporate it.


Apparently it’s some iPhone app for computer monitoring…

I suppose this would be quite beyond the scope of Virtualmin. :wink: Otherwise I’m going to right away request integration of Zabbix and Munin into Virtualmin, since those are the monitoring solutions I use!

(Just kidding.)

Here is a GREAT link on the install..

NOT really a iOS application, as it’s used on my Mac’s here and servers at work also.
Just handy to have everything in one place to do quick checks.
(e.g) Today I had a big issue with my External IP address changing here, something changed it
to and via remote into my system I could repair this. I could “Pin-Point” the troubled machine by not being able to get it on iStat… I did search for the ones mentioned and they have there benefits also.
So this was just a NEWBIE thought at best, that maybe incorporating this for some of the folks using iStat and familiar with it could find a useful thing… Been a Long time since I used any Linux and new to all the COOL stuff like VIRTUALMIN/WEBMIN stuff out…
I’d like to figure What I need to run a Virtual “Windows 2000 Small Business Sever”, then maybe loose the LAST HOLDOUT at work and be running all Mac’s (or a Nice CentOS server)…
THANKS for th Comments, as I may not always rely, but read them all and think there always a lot of help!..

(P.S. you can google N8NOE and see I’m involved in a few things…)

Hello Locutus,

could you please tell me how you installed Zabbix because I don’t get it working?

I followed the standard installation for Debian 7 here:

But I’m always getting just a screen like this: “array(T_ZBX_STR, O_NO, null, NOT_EMPTY, ‘isset({enter})’, …”