Issues with postfix on new virtualmin setup

OS type and version Ubuntu 18.04
Virtualmin version latest as of last night

I installed virtualmin last night (LEMP stack) and all my sites are fine and working as expected. But my email is a mess. Before I was using virtualmin I was running postfix/dovecot manually and it was working for a single mailbox.

Fast forward to last night after installing postfix I added a 2nd email user to the domain that was already configured, and that email user is working fine as well.

I added another virtual server with a new domain this morning, and that user is unable to send mail stating relay access is denied. I’m sure this has to do with my existing configuration being present when I ran this script as my /etc/postfix/ and /etc/postfix/virtual files were all left mostly in tact

Is there a way to have virtualmin set my postfix settings to the stock settings? I don’t really care if I lose any mailboxes, but I plan on moving a few domains and would like to have emails for all of them if possible. I really would prefer not to start over from a fresh linux install if at all possible.

If you want a fresh installation with everything being set to Virtualmin defaults, start with a fresh OS install. (You should always do this anyway. It’s impossible for the installer to accommodate all the changes you may have made to the system…many things will certainly be broken, in possibly subtle ways.)

I recommend you start with the current version of your preferred OS (so, 20.04).

If you have existing sites/users/etc. it will be easier to migrate those to a new system than it will be to make Virtualmin work predictably on a system you’ve customized.

Thanks Joe, I may end up going that way. I will say, my server was pretty stock before I put virtualmin on it. It was running a very basic LEMP stack, so installing it hasn’t caused many issues. It is temporary though, as this server is only a placeholder for another in the coming weeks. Oddly enough, restarting dovecot was my problem, it just didn’t pick up the SMTP config changes. Everything seems to be working swimingly

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