Issues sending mail from a PHP form

Not sure if anybody can help me with this - I have created a PHP form that appears to send mail ok, but mail is not being recieved in Thunderbird - the same form works ok on a shared hosting platform, but not on a VPS with Debian 5, and Virtualmin GPL.

The logs, at, When submitting the form, in /var/log/procmail.log show the following:

From Mon Sep 7 16:36:08 2009
Subject: Form Submitted at your website
Folder: /home/admin/homes/taroon/Maildir/new/1252341379.19909_0.www. 713
Time:1252341379 User:taroon.admin Size:772 Dest:/home/admin/homes/taroon/Maildir/new/ Mode:None

Which appears as if the email is being submitted successfully, yet no mail is delivered.

Does anybody have any ideas?


Mmm, that does indeed appear to be working okay.

What happens when you try to access it from Thunderbird, do you get any errors?

Also, one thing I might do is try accessing it with a Webmail client such as Usermin, just to see if it shows up in that case.