Issues getting DNS Master/Slave to work properly

Hi all,

I am attempting to run my own DNS servers for my domain ‘’. So I’ve set glue records in my registrar for ‘’ and ‘’.

So on the server corresponding to, I installed Virtualmin. On, I installed Webmin and BIND.

Thereafter, I followed the instructions on and managed to set-up as a slave successfully.

I tried creating a master zone from Webmin in and I saw that it was transferred successfully to

However, the problem arises when I try to add a Virtual Server for ‘’ from within

(1) Even though the output page shows that it copied DNS settings to the slave successfully, when I login to Webmin on, although the zone record for ‘’ is created, addresses etc. have not been copied over.

(2) In the DNS records created for ‘’ as seen on, the A record for ‘’ points to the IP of instead of

Thus, for some reason, Virtualmin isn’t playing nice with my slave configuration for some reason. I have to manually edit the zone file in Webmin on AFTER creating the virtual server in Virtualmin in order for all my addresses etc. to be transferred over.

What am I doing wrong here?

Well I managed to get to the root of the problem: Basically the directory /var/lib/bind in both master and slaves need to be set to bind:bind.

I followed the instructions here: Zone transfer, could not set file modification time / permission denied - Proxmox / Ubuntu 12LTS / Virtualmin | Virtualmin

Still, when I create the virtual server at, both and still default to’s IP. That is a small issue though since you only set up once.


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