Issue with virtualmin (free)


There is a problem I have been experiencing on this CentOS 3.4 VPS (Virtuozzo) …

I have installed mysql on it and it works fine, even webalizer is installed (from rpm available with centos) but it when checking the system configs in virtualmin, it says that webalizer is not installed. Although I can see all stuff of webalizer from the “webalizer log analysis” feature of webmin. So it’s only virtualmin not detecting it. so i disabled webalizer but now it’s not detecting mysql (same, mysql is working from webmin)

Webmin version is latest 1.220. It worked without issues on my last centos 3.4 (webmin 1.16 version).

Any idea what could be wrong? It’s driving me crazy…

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Hi Asad,

I’m not sure what to make of your problem. I haven’t seen anything quite like it, though Webalizer failing can lead to a couple of other checks failing–this is a sneaky little bug that I think still exists in Virtualmin Professional, even (I’m still looking for it). But if Webalizer is configured correctly, then it shouldn’t cause problems.

Can you post the exact output of the Re-Check Configuration page? That will help me or Jamie identify where things might be going amiss and how you can work around it.

Another thought on this is, Did you upgrade Webalizer or do you need an upgrade because something else got upgraded. Sometimes another program may cause another to fail.