Issue with results of scheduled backup, database and one directory only for one VS only is needed

OS type and version Debian Linux 11
Virtualmin version 7.5

I’m using Scheduled Backup and I want to backup only specific things for only one VS (no subdomains)
This VS host a CMS (wordpress, tiki, any) I want to backup the databases and a specific folder/directory where files are stored

Virtual servers
For the “Servers to save” I check “Only selected” and select ONE domain only
“Include sub-servers of those selected” is unchecked.
“Limit to servers on plan” is set to “Any plan”

Features and settings
I check “Contents of server’s MariaDB databases”
I check " Files to exclude from each domain" and check “Include only these files, instead of excluding” and set the directory path : /home/xxx/xxx_files

My backup is completed.

When I look at the result I have extra files and extra VS I didn’t asked for:

Inside the main archive (, I have 2 files:

That’s may be what it should be but not what I need PLUS I don’t see the directory/files…:man_shrugging:t2:

  1. Why the backups don’t includes my directory/files ?
  2. Isn’t it possible to get the database in a more common, re-useable format like: mydatabase.sql

Why don’t you need the extra files ?

I have 3 groups:

  • The software code/files I’m using a Git repo. => I don’t need.
  • The database the prefs, users, content. => I need to backup and be able to re-use anywhere (not only in Viirtualmin).
  • The uploaded files, pictures, videos. => I need to backup.

This is why I need the extra files.

You pointed to the dom and info and said i didn’t as or need these. I dod not mean the content of your archive

I understand now that you were asking about the .dom and .info.

My understanding is that these are needed to restore the domain/VS to Virtualmin.
I don’t need to restore the domain/VS using Virtualmin.

I just want a backup of the VS databases and a folder. I prefer manual ways and want to be able to re-install anywhere (local MAMP, other OS or CPanels).

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