Issue with Plans Calendar Install Script

Trying to use the Plans Calendar and have an issue. Using the script to install it to a sub directory of a site and everything works fine. Installing to the root of a site and cgi scripts won’t execute. Browsing to just shows me the code. Browsing to just the root shows me the default Apache page. Checked permission, etc. as outlined here and didn’t help:

Site is set to run CGI as domain owner. Also tried changing site from FCGId to CGI wrapper didn’t help. Any ideas?

Hrm, it’s odd that it’d work in some cases but not in others.

What about, say, PHP code… if you put a PHP script into that same directory, does it execute? Or do you have the same problem, with it just showing you the code or otherwise not working?


Well… tried and tried, but never figured out what was going on. I was also getting the same issue installing egroupware. Weird. Anyway, ended rebooting the box and all is good now.