issue with csf firewall webmin interface

hello -

i was having issues yesterday with csf firewall so i removed it and reinstalled it.

now on webmin, every time i click “system–>ConfigServerSecurity&Firewall”, i get the title portion of the page that looks like this:


[STAR SYMBOL] Firewall

ConfigServer Security & Firewall version 10.xx


and the regular Webmin status page below that. and when i click it again, i keep getting a NEW title line added, so the title lines just continue to be added to the page, one for each time i clicked, until i refresh the page.

NOTE: i am on csf 11.07 – and no errors are in the console. i can send a picture if necessary.

please advise.

update: there was some pop-up blocker on chrome. the CSF page now opens in a new tab, which is a big improvement. the webmin page still shows just the title line from the csf page, and adds to it every time its clicked.

ok so now its really just a cosmetic issue. i recall last year this was a problem with the theme (currently authentic theme 19.09.2)

any idea what is required to go back to how it worked before?

We get this now too, there is no way of getting to csf. I had to revert to the very old theme to get csf or use ssh commands