Issue: File size limits by IP

I have a text file on a server installed Virtualmin.

At home, I can download this file properly (and maybe yours too).

But at work (tried different computers), this file is not able to be downloaded!.

If I just delete couple char to reduce file size, it is ok again (at work)

I have tried to download files from other website, it is ok (at work)

===> So I have to conclude that this server limits file size by IP.

Please help me on how to solve the issue.



There shouldn’t be anything limiting the size of text files on a default system.

It’s possible to configure mod_security to limit the size of a given page, but that would throw an error every time you access the page, and not just from work.

I would actually suspect that the problem you’re seeing may be an issue at work – possible a proxy that’s setup there.

However, you may also want to take a look in the Apache logs in $HOME/logs/error_log, to see if any errors are being thrown there.