ISC Kea Plugin?

You’re very optimistic. I’m not sure where the confidence comes from, there are far more servers in the world Webmin that doesn’t support than does. There are a lot of core modules, but Kea DHCP is not one of them.

The first I ever heard of Kea was a few days ago (not sure why suddenly multiple users are asking about it, both new, though so maybe the same person with different user names).

I don’t know how commonly used it is, thus far, but if it’s in all the major Linux distribution package repos and is reasonable to configure, it might be something we’d consider. No promises or dates, but I’ll look into it when I get some free time.

If someone else wants to work on a module, that’d be cool, too. We’re always happy to answer questions.

Some of the devs can also be bribed into doing just about any kind of Webmin development, but the bribe would need to be too large for an individual to pay probably. So, if a company wanted to sponsor development, that’d also be a way to make it happen on a set (somewhat fast) schedule.