Is VirtualMin The Solution To My Problem?

Hello, I have one domain name ( which is a gaming community website. Right now we have one main website portal which is in var/www/html. My os is Fedora 8.

I was wondering if Virtualmin (GPL) is my solution to my problems, here they are.

  1. Create multiple websites using one domain thorugh name based sub domains via apache.

The domain resolves to

So like right now if I type, it shows the website.

I don’t want it to do that, instead I want to just display the Apache page saying that Apache is installed. But when I type, it goes to that website.

And I want it to be under var/www/html/username/joinpgn

And then if I type… it’ll go to var/www/html/username/joinpgn/amxbans

Is that possible?

I want to be able to create multiple users that can have their own multiple websites under one domain.

Except they get subdomains for each account. Thanks.

virtualmin uses by default /home
i suppose you can change that but why would var/www/html be preferred.

anyway VM lets you create either subdomains or subservers.
subservers are pretty strong as they in fact act as toplevel servers (this seems what you want).

meaning you can have

they can all have their own login/email/ftp/passwords/etc

as where a subdomain would be in
/home/ using the credentials of the topdomain (which you dont want with multiple users.)

you IP always goes to the first with VM created domain. I suppose you can change that but I dont know how.

Hello ronald, I was able to get everything working. I was just wondering now why I can’t create a virtual server for like the main domain which is

How do I go about creating it? I’ve created and it works perfect. But I can’t create, I have to like create to make it work for

Im not sure.
Normally when installing virtualmin, it should be done on a clean system.
It seems you had a domain on your box already in the /var directory whereas the subdomain is prolly created in the /home directory

When you have a clean system, then installed virtualmin and as a first domain you would create a server for (that’s default procedure)

After which you can create as many subservers as you want.

I don’t want to give you ill advice on how to move the domain/re-point it so I like to suggest you create a support ticket at where Jamie/Joe can advice you professionally on this or wait if they drop into this thread :slight_smile:

Well my solution right now is just replace the domain with just Looks like it’s working.

Oh and by clean system do you mean just Virtualmin? Because I have Webmin first and then installed Virtualmin in it.

And yeah at first I put everything in /var/www/html/ (WHICH IS A BAD IDEA HEHE).

You don’t want sub-servers if you want different users to manage the accounts.

Sub-servers are for making more servers owned by the same person.

For example, say I’ve got a virtual server, and I want a server–but I want the same guy to manage it…I create a sub-server.

If you want a different owner, you want a new virtual server (a regular old virtual server–no "sub" or "alias" at all).

Names (like and and and do not matter to Virtualmin with regard to whether the account is a sub-server or a virtual server.

It is this confusion that made us remove sub-domain accounts, by default, in Virtualmin Professional–because people thought that means if you wanted a domain named you needed to make a sub-domain account, which is not correct at all. The sub-domain account type was an atrocious UI failure, and we’ve been paying for it ever since. :wink:

So, choose the type of virtual server you want based on who you want to own the domain, and not on what the name of the domain happens to be (because names don’t matter). If you want to create a new administrator, create a virtual server. If you want to allow an existing user to manage the new domain, create a sub-server. Never create a sub-domain account, as they are broken by design and will be going away eventually (we’ll hide the option for a year or two first, and then the whole concept will go away and we’ll provide tools to convert anyones remaining sub-domains to sub-servers).

Does that clear things up?

come to think of it, I have indeed a few top level servers named

i never create subdomains, but use subservers instead…

[color=#000080]Joe, if as you say, "Never create a sub-domain account, as they are broken by design and will be going away eventually"…I have a bug for you.

Not long ago I ran into a problem, posted here, whereby two domains, one is and the other, ran into a conflict in naming the database and user names. We overcame this by abridging the PREFIX in specifying a non-default database name on the sub-server, and reconfiguring the login rules regarding use of domain names. But also, I had to build the second domain as a sub-domain to the first; VirtMin would not let me build the second domain as a top level server, which was my first choice.

Just wanted to make you aware of this so you can consider it in your plans to eliminate sub-domains.[/color]

[color=#000080]Oooops, my bad! In the post above, where Joe mentioned sub-DOMAINS being phased out, I read sub-SERVERS. As Rosanna Rosannadanna used to say, "Never mind."[/color]

But how come I can’t create a account?

kevco, the behavior you saw was, or is, a bug. I think I responded on that thread already with a request to try it on 3.57 and report back if it failed (and if I didn’t, I meant to).

But how come I can't create a account?

Wait…are you literally trying to name it “”? Don’t do that! The www is the web portion of a full virtual server–you want to create “” and let Virtualmin create www, mail, etc.

Yeah. Ok, but if I made, then what would my username be?

joinpgn, or if another virtual server already exists with joinpgn, it would be (There are many configurable options with regard to naming conventions, but this is the default.)

Hey, thanks guys. I got it all working now.