Is Virtualmin reliable for email hosting?


could someone share their real world email hosting experience with Virtualmin? I mean, does Virtualmin provide out of box solution for email hosting - fire up and forget? Is there people who installed default virtualmin configuration, enabled Greylisting and put hundreds or thousands email into one server have peace of mind with always working system and with minimum amount of spam for two or more years? Or everyone who using virtualmin for email hosting always tweaks system, changes spam filters, reboots service and has other headaches and etc. I intend to setup Centos 6 and Virtualmin email service for couple hundreds users for begining and I wonder is this solution right for me or I shoul look up for other alternatives to do easy email hosting?

Thank you.

Got no problems so far serving around 2500 mails a day using Debian 5 (Lenny) and Virtualmin. Only tweaked Postfix a bit to be more restrictive and to use RBL’s (see for a start) and I’m using Spamassassin 3.3.1 from lenny-backports.

RBL’s are a must - they help keep up to 30.000 spam mails out a day. Using a whitelist (manual or automatic) would be a wise idea too when using RBL’s to prevent having the good providers blocked by false RBL entries. I don’t use greylisting - may be it is a good replacement for RBL’s.

30 000 spam emails quite a big number. Yes, spam will be a problem for sure dealing with rising users accounts. I heard that Greylisting helps to prevent spam greatly, but it has some delays when unknown user send email for first time. Greylisting needs to check out if it is real user. If it is not a secret, what is your server specifications and how long do you have Virtualmin installed with such amount of mailboxes?

If you are looking for a ‘point and shoot’ installation, then I think you’re headed for a disappointment - no matter what.

Once you install a server, any server, configurations will have to take place.

Setting Virtualmin to send Emails is easy.

But, if you want to have more advanced settings, then you will need to know what you’re doing, and get your hands dirty.

Good luck!

Yes, I agree. There are not many available ant stable single click open source software. Even in commercial products you need to tweak a lot by yourself.

Maybe there is people who used Virtualmin and Zimbra and who can tell some information why they love one product more than another?